Skin Care Around The Eyes

Skin Care Around The EyesSkin care around the eyes need to start with cleansing. When the skin around the eye loses its elasticity wrinkles appear.

Why skin care around the eyes so much attention? The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive on the face. Its thickness is only half a millimeter.

How to Remove Eye Makeup

Be sure to remove eye makeup before bedtime. Most women simply wash off makeup liquid soap. Soap dries the skin, and a towel irritates her. Therefore, for the removal of eye makeup is recommended to use special creams or lotions. They remove makeup well and do not dry your skin. As a means for removing make-up suits, even the usual cream or mousse for the face.

Moistening skin

Regularly apply a mousse or cream on the skin around the eyes. The problem of dry skin around the eyes may occur due to insufficient number of sebaceous glands. Due to lack of sebum skin under the influence of sunlight and adverse weather conditions quickly dries.

Creams are more suitable for dry skin, they make up for the loss of lipids (fats, which do not have enough area around the eye), and smooth wrinkles caused by lack of moisture, and make the surface of the skin smooth and supple. To skin care around the eyes need to use special creams. Suitable creams, which contains glucose, vitamins A and E.


Drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in vitamin E, A, C and B. Vitamin A include green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, citrus fruits – a source of vitamin C, almonds, olives and leafy vegetables provide the body with vitamin E.

Protect eyes and skin around the eyes from bright sunlight.

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