Proper Care for Oily Skin

Proper Care for Oily SkinHow to care for oily skin and how to do it properly – here’s a question that is of concern to all owners of this type of skin.

Support the oily skin in good condition is not so easy, you need proper care. Oily skin is always shining, dilated pores, similar to lemon rind. But oily skin has its advantages. It is rather insensitive, longer stays young and supple, wrinkles appear later. Fat which is released creates a protective film, it does not allow moisture to evaporate and blocks the penetration of harmful substances from the outside.

Rules for proper care for oily skin recommend the use of low-fat moisturizer; means that do not clog pores, cleansers, which positively affect the skin, non-greasy cleansers that thoroughly cleanses the skin and remove excess fat.

Сleansing: To proper care of oily skin should pay special attention to cleansing. Twice a day, morning and evening, you should clean it with means which do not dry the skin. Use for this purpose gel is water-based, goat milk soap, which perfectly softens the lips. Water for washing should be tepid. For a deeper cleanse 2 times a week is useful to do steam baths, masks out of clay, as well as protein, tomato, cucumber, and use scrubs.

Moisturizing and toning: For oily skin do not fit lotions with spirits in its composition. For skin toning is necessary to use extracts of sage, yarrow, and peppermint. To skin moisturizing you can use low fat moisturizer.

How to care for oily skin – in search of an answer to this question do not forget to pay attention to your diet. Indeed, the use of fatty and spicy foods enhances the production of sebum. This entails additional difficulties in the care of oily skin.

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