Dry Skin Problems

Dry Skin ProblemsWhy the skin does become excessively dry?
What causes dry skin? This may be due to a simple problem (too caustic washing soap, improper use of cosmetics, hot water) and more complex problems, such as certain diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis, low thyroid function, as well as improper or insufficient nutrition.

Areas of dry skin can appear anywhere, but most often occur on the face, hands, shins and abdomen. If you do not pay attention to them, dry skin can lead to dermatitis cutaneous inflammatory process, swelling or infection.

Dry Skin Problem: Dry air
Dry air one of the main causes of the excessive dryness of the skin, especially in winter. Cold wind, cold, warm air space exfoliates the top layers of the epidermis, which serve as a protective barrier and retain moisture. In the summer of a similar condition can arise from a long stay in a room with air conditioning. To cope with this problem, start with the application of moisturizing cream or gel, but not later than one hour before going outside.

Dry Skin Problems: Improper face washing
Prolonged exposure to water, especially hot, can wash away natural lubrication, which protects the skin.

Dry Skin Problems: Medications
A large number of drugs can have side-effects of excessive dryness of the skin.

Dry Skin Problems are solved not only the cream

– Make sure that in your nutrition were sufficient fats and oils. It is well known that diets low in fat contribute to dry skin.
– Exclude from the food products that improve the temperature, such as hot drinks, alcohol, pepper, chili and other spicy foods.
– Stop smoking.
– Avoid any contact with chemical agents that can block the pores of the skin.

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