Collagen Masks

Collagen MasksCollagen masks uses deserved popularity among women. With the help of collagen such mask accelerates the metabolism in the subcutaneous area, rejuvenating the skin and smoothing wrinkles.

Collagen masks suitable for different skin types this is one of their advantage. Considering type and requirements own skin, every woman can choose a later effective and favorite collagen mask. Regardless of the type of skin collagen masks have a complex effect: moisturize, restore, rejuvenate, regenerate the skin, tighten, and remove weariness.

The composition of collagen masks

In plants, the collagen is absent, so for the production of collagen mask is removed from the skin of animals and fish. It is known that collagen is about one-third of all proteins in animals and is an important structural component of connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, bones and fish scales, performing mostly support functions.

Collagen is not the only component of collagen masks. It is composed of a variety of supplements. Among the ingredients of a collagen mask can be vitamins, herbs extracts, fruit acids and natural essential oils.

Before you start this cosmetic procedure, be sure that you removed from the face cosmetics. Next, remove the mask from individual package and place it on the problem area. Lie down with a mask on your face for 30 minutes, then remove and rinse face with warm water. Keep in mind that such masks can not be reused!

What action is rendered by collagen mask to your face?

- Improves blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin;
- Activates the metabolism;
- Prevents the formation of new wrinkles;
- Eliminates toxins;
- Smooths out facial wrinkles;
- Accelerates the healing process of wounds on the skin;
- Moisturizes the skin;
- Prevents the formation of rough scars;
- Tightens the skin.
- Restores the skin peels after a course;

Regular use of collagen masks significantly improves the appearance of skin around the eyes, moisturizing and refreshing it, making it more supple and youthful.

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