Natural Facial Masks

Natural Facial MasksIn its composition, natural facial masks contain biologically active substances, which are enhanced by the metabolic processes in the skin, improves complexion, increases the elasticity of the skin, restores moisture balance in the skin. Natural facial masks can be nourishing, cleansing and moisturizing

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Cranberry Face Masks

Cranberry Face MasksCranberry face masks are useful for any skin type, the only difference in the apply and additional components. Cranberries may a little dry or soothe the skin, remove the pores, tone up, this is an excellent natural antiseptic. From cranberry juice is prepared cosmetics ice, which in hot weather, refreshes and moisturizes the skin

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Avocado Face Masks

Avocado Face MasksAvocado face masks suitable for all skin types, they moisturize, nourish and relieve irritation. Avocados are excellent penetrates the upper layers of the epidermis, giving our skin all the vitamins and nutrients, which he has in abundance.

Avocado face mask also has regenerative properties. It improves the metabolism in the skin enrich tissues with oxygen

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Facial Masks From Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit have medicinal properties and are very useful for skin care. Facial masks from kiwi fruit well cleaned, tone the skin, and make it elastic and healthy.

Kiwi fruit contains carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts. It includes magnesium, beta carotene, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, sodium, iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, manganese, boron

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Pomegranate Facial Mask

Pomegranate Facial MaskPomegranate is not only useful and tasty fruit, but also effective for skin care. Pomegranate can be used as the main component for making masks and scrubs for the skin. Pomegranate masks or scrubs are not recommended for dry skin.

In cosmetics, pomegranate is also used quite widely, as it contains a sufficiently large amount of citric acid. It can be effectively used to whitening the face, removing age spots, acne and freckles

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How to Make a Coffee Face Mask

How to Make a Coffee Face MaskCoffee is widely used in cosmetics because it contains a lot of caffeine. Caffeine activates metabolic processes in cells and promotes the cleavage and the removal of fats from the body. The effects of most anti-cellulite creams, which contain caffeine, based on this component.

In addition to toning and anti-stress effect on the entire body, coffee can give our skin smoothness, beauty and healthy appearance

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Face Masks With Mineral Water

Face Masks With Mineral WaterFace masks with mineral water are popular because mineral water is quite capable of replacing the expensive thermal water offered by cosmetic companies.

In the mineral water contains many useful components for the skin. Mineral water is perfectly hydrates the skin, restores its elasticity and youthfulness, and improves the complexion. Only one nuance – the water for a mask should not be carbonated

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Collagen Masks

Collagen MasksCollagen masks uses deserved popularity among women. With the help of collagen such mask accelerates the metabolism in the subcutaneous area, rejuvenating the skin and smoothing wrinkles.

Collagen masks suitable for different skin types this is one of their advantage. Considering type and requirements own skin, every woman can choose a later effective and favorite collagen mask. Regardless of the type of skin collagen masks have a complex effect: moisturize, restore, rejuvenate, regenerate the skin, tighten, and remove weariness

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Clay Facial Masks

There are many types of clay facial masks, but in general their action is divided into three categories:
1. Masks that draw out dirt from deep layers of skin, preventing acne.
2. Masks, stimulating the deepest layers of the skin, stimulating the growth of new cells.
3. Masks that nourish the skin, providing it with vitamins and minerals, rejuvenate, reduce pores, smoothing out the bumps, aligning color, softening and moisturizing

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Salt Facial Mask

Salt Facial MaskSalt facial mask help you clean the face, narrow pores, get rid of flaky skin, and also salt – a great remedy for acne.

The compositions of the salt include ingredients that have a positive impact on general state of organism, can improve the immune system, so salt facial mask is very useful

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