Alginate Face Mask

Alginate Face MaskAlginate facial mask is suitable for all skin types. The main advantage of alginate facial mask is fast lifting effect. Mask perfectly simulates the shape of the face, has a drainage action, retains moisture and nourishes the skin, improves turgor, reduces puffiness and bags under eyes, gets rid of mimic wrinkles.

What is alginate? This is a salt of alginic acid which extracted from some species of marine algae. Brown algae are the primary source. In nature, alginates do not occur in ground plant.
Alginates are widely used in cosmetics, based on them makes masks, and designed for facial skin care.

The effect of of sodium alginate on the skin
– Helps retain moisture, regulate water balance
– Strengthens the collagen fibers
– Stimulates the metabolism in the skin
– Provides comprehensive anti-stress and tonic
– Activates protective properties of the skin
– Improves skin tone and subcutaneous tissue
– Regulates metabolism, and normalizes work of sebaceous glands, so is suitable for all skin types from oily and problem to a very dry skin

Types of alginate face masks
Basic alginate face masks: This masks without additives, which are used to improve skin turgor, anti-inflammation. From reviews such masks are best suited for enhance the action of cosmetic and medical serums and emulsions.

Alginate face masks with Vitamin C: Masks are designed to nourish the skin, smoothing the complexion and give a fresh appearance. Combats with pigmentation, makes the less visible age disadvantages.

Alginate face masks with chitosan: Contain moisturizing substances, provide a visible lifting effect, and regulate the renewal and regeneration of cells.

Before apply mask on your face, you need to remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Under the mask you can apply an additional tool, depending on skin problems. Once the means will be absorbed, on the face is applied alginate mask. Very often mask bred in special solvents in a ratio of 3:1. Solvents contain trace elements, which enhances the effect of alginate mask. The mask applied on skin with a spatula for 20-30 minutes.

After removing the mask face rubbed with tonic. Alginate face mask can be applied from one to four times a week.

Advantage of alginate masks
The main advantage of alginate mask is that they can be used for all skin types: for combination, normal, oily and dry skin. Alginate face mask has anti-inflammatory effect on skin, is a good prevention of premature aging.

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