Face Masks With Mineral Water

Face Masks With Mineral WaterFace masks with mineral water are popular because mineral water is quite capable of replacing the expensive thermal water offered by cosmetic companies.

In the mineral water contains many useful components for the skin. Mineral water is perfectly hydrates the skin, restores its elasticity and youthfulness, and improves the complexion. Only one nuance – the water for a mask should not be carbonated

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Skin Care After the Summer

Skin Care After the SummerAutumn is coming, which means it’s time to pay special attention to the condition of our skin. How to rehabilitate the skin after the summer, make it soft and beautiful. Let’s try to understand.

3 stages of skin care after the summer:
1. purification
2. strengthening, nutrition, recovery of the skin
3. moistening

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Collagen Masks

Collagen MasksCollagen masks uses deserved popularity among women. With the help of collagen such mask accelerates the metabolism in the subcutaneous area, rejuvenating the skin and smoothing wrinkles.

Collagen masks suitable for different skin types this is one of their advantage. Considering type and requirements own skin, every woman can choose a later effective and favorite collagen mask. Regardless of the type of skin collagen masks have a complex effect: moisturize, restore, rejuvenate, regenerate the skin, tighten, and remove weariness

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