How to Get Clear Skin Overnight

Let’s talk about how to get clear skin overnight. Night is the perfect time for spa treatments and skin care. At night we are accustomed have a rest, but our skin continues to work. Her goal is to restore cages after exposure to aggressive factors such as sun, wind, and unhealthy environment.

Unfortunately, the modern city often takes a woman practically all his spare time – during the day we are closely engaged in various activities and can only breathe freely in the evening. So let’s use for skin care night hours, especially at night in the body that runs the regeneration process

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Clay Facial Masks

There are many types of clay facial masks, but in general their action is divided into three categories:
1. Masks that draw out dirt from deep layers of skin, preventing acne.
2. Masks, stimulating the deepest layers of the skin, stimulating the growth of new cells.
3. Masks that nourish the skin, providing it with vitamins and minerals, rejuvenate, reduce pores, smoothing out the bumps, aligning color, softening and moisturizing

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Salt Facial Mask

Salt Facial MaskSalt facial mask help you clean the face, narrow pores, get rid of flaky skin, and also salt – a great remedy for acne.

The compositions of the salt include ingredients that have a positive impact on general state of organism, can improve the immune system, so salt facial mask is very useful

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Sensitive Skin Mask

Sensitive Skin MaskChoose the sensitive skin mask need very carefully to avoid unintended consequences, since the components of which it consists, can cause allergic reactions.

Many people think that sensitive skin – is a type of skin. This is not the case. Sensitivity – this is inadequate reaction of the skin on the impact of various factors. Typical symptoms of sensitivity are the irritation, redness, sensation of tension, peeling and itching. They appear as a reaction to cosmetic procedures, as well as the cold, sun or air pollution

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Face Lift Mask

Face Lift MaskFace lift mask helps to maintain beauty and youth face.

Face lift masks help to restore skin elasticity, eliminate mimic wrinkles, smooth face skin, improve collagen synthesis, as well as correcting contour of your face

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Green Tea Masks

Green Tea MasksGreen tea masks can be used for any type of skin. Green tea is indispensable for healthy skin, and for the whole organism. You can quick and easy make tonics and masks from green tea, because this product is always at hand

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Alginate Face Mask

Alginate Face MaskAlginate facial mask is suitable for all skin types. The main advantage of alginate facial mask is fast lifting effect. Mask perfectly simulates the shape of the face, has a drainage action, retains moisture and nourishes the skin, improves turgor, reduces puffiness and bags under eyes, gets rid of mimic wrinkles.

What is alginate? This is a salt of alginic acid which extracted from some species of marine algae. Brown algae are the primary source. In nature, alginates do not occur in ground plant

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Olive Oil Face Masks

Olive oil face masks applied to all skin types but especially recommended for normal and dry skin. Here are some recipes for facial masks with olive oil.

Olive oil contains vitamin E, which does not allow our skin to age. Therefore, a mask with olive oil cooked at home, especially valuable for our skin. Olive oil helps to increase cell regeneration and helps prevent new wrinkles and smooth out the already formed

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Aloe Vera Masks

Aloe Vera MasksAloe Vera masks moisturize, soften, protect dry and normal skin, and help maintain skin elasticity, reduce inflammation of oily skin, accelerate cell regeneration, prolonging her youth.

To prepare a face mask from Aloe Vera fresh leaves are needed of the plant. You can buy a large of aloe Vera plant in a flower shop or grown at home. It is not difficult

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