Homemade Facial Scrubs

Homemade Facial ScrubsHow to make homemade facial scrubs. Scrub for skin must be more tender than for skin of the body. Owners of normal skin are enough to use a scrub once a week. Those who have oily skin can use the scrub 2-3 times a week.

Basis for home scrubs can be sour cream, honey, fruit paste, cosmetic clay. For dry skin should choose a fat and nourishing basis – this rule should always be followed when preparing scrub

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Natural Products for Skin

Natural Products for SkinNatural products for skin. What foods should be consumed for health and beauty facial skin and body? Here you will find a list of natural products, regular use of which may solve the problem with the skin: they are tasty, do not require long cooking and saturate the body with all the beneficial substances that are beneficial for the skin condition

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Proper Care for Oily Skin

Proper Care for Oily SkinHow to care for oily skin and how to do it properly – here’s a question that is of concern to all owners of this type of skin.

Support the oily skin in good condition is not so easy, you need proper care. Oily skin is always shining, dilated pores, similar to lemon rind. But oily skin has its advantages.

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Baby Skin Care Tips

Baby Skin Care Tips Baby skin is very sensitive. That is why it is important to provide the best care of her. Since baby cannot itself take skin care, the responsibility of parents is to keep skin baby smooth, clean and healthy. But today, when almost all commodities for the care of children’s skin contains synthetic and chemically active ingredients, it is very difficult to choose and use natural and safe means to care for baby’s skin

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Proper Care For Young Skin

Proper Care For Young SkinProper care for young skin is primarily determined by its type. For each age requires a different approach to skin care. The main rule of proper care for young skin is the systematicity, consistency, regularity compliance with hygiene cosmetology.

As usual, the daily care for any skin based on the following principles – cleansing, nutrition, hydration and protection

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Whitening Facial Masks

Whitening Facial Masks Whitening facial masks are prepared on the basis of ingredients having whitening properties. It grated cucumber or its juice, juice and pulp of lemon (red and black currant, raspberry), infusion of leaves of parsley, melon, the infusion of dandelion flowers and lime blossom, hydrogen peroxide

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Spring Skin Care

Spring Skin CareThe first and main step in spring skin care is a facial cleansing. You can do this by using the scrub. Need to remember that in the spring scrub can be applied to dry, sensitive or normal skin only after applying moisturizing and nourishing mask. Purification scheme should ideally look like this: nourishing mask in the evening, cleanse the skin – in the morning.

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Anti Aging Skin Care

Anti Aging Skin CareThere are many ways that help your skin stay young and beautiful with proper anti aging care, and reduce wrinkles. If you want to preserve youthfulness of your skin Follow these anti aging skin care tips.

1. Stick to the anti aging diet. One of the factors that affect to health and appearance of the skin is the quality and quantity of food consumed by you. That is why, healthy skin and good nutrition – these are two inseparable with each other factors

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