Effective Recipes for Freckles

Effective Recipes for FrecklesSuch a skin problem, like freckles is the cause of heredity. Freckles appear as small spots on the exposed parts of the body and are light yellow or brown. A very important role in the formation of new freckles is sunny, spring-rays. Melanin is the skin pigment that accumulates in the cells of the skin, in contact with its ultraviolet rays change the color. Here you will find effective recipes for freckles

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Add Lemon to Your Skin Care Regime

Add Lemon to Your Skin CareLemon juice is used not only for preventing and treating diseases, but also for skin care.

Few people know that lemon juice can be used to lighten pigment spots and freckles. Instead of just buying expensive cosmetics, you can try to put on spots and freckles fresh lemon juice, and after 15 minutes wash it off

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