Face Skin Care in Summer

Face Skin Care in SummerHere you can find tips on face skin care in summer. Face skin care in summer: washing, choice of cream.

Summer – a special time and skin care in summer is very different from the skin care in winter.
Summer on our skin affect many factors: the intense sunlight, dust, heat…

Skin care tips
Before swimming in the water, moisturize your skin with moisturizers. They create a waterproof barrier between your skin and salt water, which prevents the receipt of any kind of damage. While relaxing on the beach, use the cream more often

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Basic Tips For Skin Care

basic tips for skin careThere are a few basic means that improve the condition of your skin with regular use. These means are a necessity for all skin types.

The easiest way to healthy skin is its right and daily cleaning. In order that the skin would have been healthy and beautiful should use an integrated approach to her care. Specialists on the care of skin do not recommend to use soap for clearing.

Tonic is not required for care of the skin, it is only addition to the overall care. Tonic has the property to quickly restore the natural balance of the skin

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Vitamins for Skin Care

Vitamins for Skin CareOur skin is a mirror of good health and of sufficient content in the body of essential vitamins, trace elements and other useful substances.

One of the most essential skin vitamins is vitamin C. To ensure adequate intake of vitamin C, need to include in your diet Bulgarian pepper, cranberries, citrus, black currant, spinach, potatoes, and kiwi. Vitamin C also strengthens blood vessels and increases the elasticity of the skin

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Principles of Care of Dry Skin

Principles of Care of Dry SkinWash dry skin need with boiled water. At a glass of water can add one tablespoon of glycerin. Dry skin badly transfers soap.

There are general principles of care for dry skin.
1. Purification.
To cleanse dry skin, preferably using soft cleansers, designed specifically for this type of skin: cleansing milk, cream, soft gels and creams for washing. It is important that cleansers do not contain the aggressive surface-active substances, some solvents, and abrasive substances

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Skin Types

Skin TypesSkin – a very important organ. It protects the body from bacteria, removes waste substances, and also performs the function of respiration of the body. Its properties to control the loss of water and body temperature are directly linked to human health. Skin – one of its most important indicators. The basic conditions for good skin: normal operation of the stomach, lung, and endocrine glands, fresh air and exercise, adequate sleep and peace of mind, steadiness

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